Fashion Tips 101

Fashion Tips 101: Malorie Bryant a Dot 1

Malorie Bryant using the best fashion trick out there. Repeating your eye color is one of my most favorite fashion tips. Any opportunity I get I announce this to the world. I love it because it is free, both men and women can utilize this simple trick. When I do this I get so many compliments on how beautiful I look. I think, you see me everyday and today you notice my eyes? Funny because I know once again my trick  is working.

Repeating your eye color enhances your beauty. If you have blue eyes you can wear a blue blouse, earrings, necktie etc…and listen to the complements. For those of you who have hazel eyes you can wear both colors. For example if you have brown and sometimes green eyes, you could wear a blouse that has brown and green in it.

I have learned this from one of my favorite fashion consultants: Irenee Riter,  check out her book.