Closet Makeover


Closet Makeover


Discover your Dot and learn to only wear fashions that are perfect for you. Receive all 4 color palettes.

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Package includes:

  • 1 Hour Introduction: Discover your true colors
    • We determine what Dot you are
    • We teach you how to use the 4 color palettes
    • We review your fashion goals, casual to holiday needs
    • We create a game plan for building your wardrobe with regards to your budget, your favorite stores, and your personal style.
  •  3 Hour Closet Make Over
    • We show you how to use the 4 color palates
    • We organize and color code your wardrobe
    • We create great outfits from your existing wardrobe
    • We create a shopping list within your budget to help build your wardrobe
    • We take photos of your new outfits 
  • 30 Minute Phone Follow Up
    • We arrange a time to call you and discuss how the color system is working for you. We discuss further ways that we can help you, and address any of your concerns.