5 Things The Average Woman Does…

1. Only wears 20% of the clothing she buys

2. She spends $125, 000 on clothing from the ages of 14 to 65

3. She wastes $100,000 on clothing she never wears

4. She spends 16 minutes in front of her closet everyday trying to figure out what to wear. Over her lifetime these 16 minutes add up to 1 year

5. 8 out of 10 women hide their clothing purchases from their husband or boyfriend


Avoid these 3 Dangers with Swiss Dot

Save MONEY… simply by only buying clothing that you know you’ll wear

Save TIME… simply by knowing how to put outfits together 

Please Those Husbands & Boyfriends… simply by not over buying and best of all, only buying clothing that enhances your beauty both inside and out