Have you ever bought a blouse and felt great about your purchase in the store? The next day you wake up, ready to wear it to work and it doesn’t feel right? You hang it back on the hanger and decide to wear it another day, but that day never comes.

Why does this happen to so many of us? Is this what being into fashion is all about: buying clothes, never wearing them… hoping the next purchase will be a winner… only to realize once again it just doesn’t feel right?

Swiss Dot is here to save the day.

Drum roll please…

We’ve discovered the secret to only buying clothes that you truly LOVE and will WEAR.

At the heart of everything in this universe is energy. From our bodies to the clothes we wear, it’s all made up of energy. As fashion consultants, we align your personal energy with the clothing’s like-energy, and this creates harmony.

When you wear fashions that vibrate with your body’s energy, you look and feel great. You love what you wear, your confidence soars, and your true self shines bright.

We all belong to one of 4 harmonious color groups. We here at Swiss Dot determine which group you belong to, and teach you how to make purchases that are in harmony with your Dot. As a result, you always LOVE what you wear, and all your purchases get worn so SO SOO much more!