What Dot are You?

What does it mean to find your Dot? Finding your Dot means learning what colors look best on you.

We developed a color system that is comparable to the 4 season color theory that was made famous in the book "Color Me Beautiful" by Carole Jackson.

Since we are called Swiss Dot, we decided to use our name and help you connect the Dots (pun intended). We have labeled each color season with a Dot. 

  • Dot 1 = Spring
  • Dot 2 = Summer
  • Dot 3 = Autumn
  • Dot 4 = Winter

There are 4 groups of colors. Each group represents all the colors of the same Dot and harmonize when worn together. We have taken a few steps further and present to you not only your best colors, but also your best shapes, designs and fabrics. Each shape, design, and fabric harmonizes within each Dot. When wearing the same colors of your Dot, you have created harmony.


To find out what colors look best on you, please see more below

Please send us an email with about 5 to 10 photos of yourself. These photos can be by yourself or with others. You can be standing, sitting or just having a good time with your friends and family. You may also become a fan on our Facebook page at Swiss Dot and send a message requesting that we take a look at your photos to help you "Find your Dot."

Once we receive your photos, we will determine your Dot. You will receive notification of what Dot you are and we will provide you with a detailed description of the guidelines to following our Swiss Dot color system. The guidelines will tell you what colors, shapes, designs and fabrics are best for you.

Our website will continue to educate you on how to dress in your Dot. We will be evaluating outfits worn by others, writing fashion tips for everyone, and exploring what Dot the celebrities are and always showing tons of pictures.

The Swiss Dot color system creates harmony for all.

We are so happy you have decided to see what colors really work for you. Everyone says "This has changed my life." Now let it change yours.

You have our promise that your information will never be shared with any outside parties.

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